Announcing the Mind Body Mouth Podcast!

Welcome to the Mind Body Mouth podcasta fun and informative place where you can learn more about your health and the important, interesting relationships between the health of our mind, body, and mouth.

I will be interviewing a range of practitioners who are all specialists in their field and we’ll take a deep dive into many of the issues that you or your family may be experiencing and how they just might stem from seemingly harmless oral habits.

Get to know me and how this show can help you by listening to my first three episodes below. I’ll be releasing a new episode twice a month on wednesdays!

You can check out the first episodes here:

  • Ep #1: Welcome to Mind Body Mouth! An overview of some of the conditions I regularly treat, including tooth decay and gum disease. We’ll briefly explore the importance of good nutrition for a healthy gut and happy mouth, the gut-brain axis, and why chronic mouth breathing is one of the most common indicators of an unbalanced mouth-body connection.
  • Ep #2: The Airway and Childhood Development Connection with Dr. Bill JohnstonInsight into how airway problems in your children might be leading to sleep dysfunctions, more serious problems in the structural development of the mouth, and over time, the effects of antibiotic treatment for airway infections impacting gut health negatively when they come to adulthood.
  • Ep #3: Orthodontics for the Face with Dr. Derek MahonyThe importance of picking up on conditions like tongue-tie in infants, how airway issues play havoc with a child’s sleep without you even noticing, how you can spot whether your child may be experiencing airway dysfunction, and what kind of treatments might be right for them.

Here’s what you should do right now to sign up for your fortnightly dose of Mind Body Mouth inspiration:

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Step 1: Find the show in Apple Podcasts (visit the URL or search for “Mind Body Mouth” in Apple Podcasts)

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  1. Fantastic podcasts Vijaya, I’m really enjoying them!!! So exciting to hear more about how integrative practices can help us to be healthier. Thanks for making this available to us 🙂

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