Ep #15: The Connection Between Oral Health and Disease

There is a lot of research going into the connection between oral hygiene and conditions like heart disease and cancers, and we are constantly finding new ways that your gums can serve as indicators of your health. Many professionals and scientists are dedicated to the study of the oral system and what they have learned can change the way you approach your dental care.

On today’s show, I am talking with an expert on the oral-systemic connection, Kathryn Gilliam, about what people are researching about the impact your oral care has impacts throughout your body. We discuss proper brushing and dentist visits, as well as new types of treatment for periodontal diseases. Finally, we talk about what you can do to keep your mouth and body healthier by doing just a few simple things.

Listen in and learn from Kathryn as we talk about what you can do to live a healthier life and maintain better body chemistry through functional dentistry!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why you should regularly be visiting the dentist and how to identify problems with your dental health.
  • How to get the bacteria and plaque out from underneath the gums to prevent disease.
  • The causal connection between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease.
  • How DNA testing can be used to identify periodontal bacteria and to create treatment plans.
  • What type of research is coming out of the oral-systemic field and the treatments that are being developed for oral diseases.
  • The effect bleeding gums can have on pregnancies and the health of unborn children.

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