Ep #13: Better Health… Through Your Mouth with Dr. Bruce Baird

There are many reasons for health issues like heart attacks and chronic illness, and lots of them originate in the mouth. When your gums are bleeding, it’s like having an open wound to the rest of your body, making you sick and causing other problems. Investigating the connection between mouth and gut is at the forefront of dentistry, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest information.

Dr. Bruce Baird is a pioneer of thinking about the connection between oral and bodily health, and he has been practicing dentistry for over 40 years. He gives us an insight into the research and practical knowledge behind common issues like sleep apnea, gum disease, allergies, and breathing abnormalities. He uses state-of-the-practice techniques to individually address problems with his patients, and he explains where the field of testing is headed.

Listen in as Bruce and I discuss the ways that adjustments that can be made for breathing and sleeping issues, massively changing the understandings we have of our bodily health. When we address the issues that are coming through the mouth, we can begin to fix the other problems with our bodies.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The connections between periodontal disease and heart disease.
  • How the bacteria in your mouth interacts with the bacteria in your gut to impact your overall health.
  • How sleeping issues can change human development and have long-term effects if they go untreated.
  • Some simple solutions for sleep and breathing-related issues, especially for children.
  • How to get a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health.
  • How Bruce uses DNA testing and technology to diagnose different disorders and anomalies.

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