Ep #10: The Journey Back to Health: Samantha’s Story

Sometimes we go through life without noticing things are amiss with our health while missing out on simple things like breathing naturally. It is easy to miss something that is wrong when it is happening while you’re sleeping, but working with a team of professionals from a holistic approach can help address the underlying problems.

Today’s guest is a patient that I’ve been working with since 2018 who has had a long journey in regards to her health. After seeing a number of different doctors, Samantha had received a series of blanket diagnoses that didn’t fix the problems she was having, but she was determined to find a natural way to address her sleep apnea and intestinal issues.

Samantha’s story is one of finding success in wellness through more holistic approaches and finding whole body health through functional dentistry. Listen in and see the impact that looking at problems differently can have.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How sleep apnea can impact your overall health if it goes undiagnosed and unnoticed.
  • How to address breathing problems that happen while we are sleeping.
  • The difference surgery and osteopathic rehabilitation can make for daily comfort and quality sleep.
  • How fixing breathing problems can change your gut health for the better.
  • What small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is and how it can impact your relationship with food and overall health.

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