Ep #36: What Dentists Are Really Looking for During a Check-up with Dr. Chad Johnson

Mind Body Mouth with Dr. Vijaya Molloy | What Dentists Are Really Looking for During a Check-up with Dr. Chad Johnson

Have you ever wondered what dentists are really looking for or should be looking for during a check-up? If you have no idea, we’re here to help.

Dr. Chad Johnson joins me again this week, and I thought it would be fun if we had a chat about what we, as dentists, actually look for when we see a patient for a check-up. Our approach changes depending on the age of the patient and we’re sharing it all in this episode.

Tune in this week and hear the most common things we look for during an appointment and three particularly important risk factors we see in patients’ teeth. We discuss what tooth decay is and how to prevent it, the connection between periodontal disease and cardiovascular health, and the three main reasons adults lose their teeth.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • An inexpensive way to neutralize the saliva in your mouth.
  • The relationship between gum disease and inflammation syndrome.
  • How your food and drink choices could be damaging your teeth.
  • The problem with prolonging the consumption of sugary drinks.
  • Why bleeding gums could be a sign of a bigger problem.
  • The importance of getting proper sleep.
  • What the ideal bite should be like.
  • Why something that can be healthy for your body could be damaging to your teeth.

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