Ep #31: Using Unconventional Protocols to Boost Your Immune System with Dr. Al Danenberg

Mind Body Mouth with Dr. Vijaya Molloy | Using Unconventional Protocols to Boost Your Immune System with Dr. Al Danenberg

Dr. Al Danenberg has been on the show on several occasions over the last few years, and he is back this week after miraculously overcoming a terminal cancer diagnosis to discuss the importance of enhancing your immune system and creating optimal health.

Dr. Al Danenberg is a leading periodontist and received a terminal cancer diagnosis back in 2018. Following a PET scan in 2020 which showed that the cancerous cells were no longer spreading, he joins me this week to share why even though he’s not cured and technically not yet in remission, he feels better and healthier than ever.

Listen in this week as Dr. Danenberg shares some of the unconventional protocols that he uses to boost his immune system and how he attributes a lot of his health improvements to the carnivore diet. He shares what he felt was the most important thing to get him back to optimal health, and some suggestions to help you improve your quality of life. While his choices will not appeal to everybody, his story is particularly inspiring.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to boost your immune system and invest in your future health.
  • What the carnivore diet is and how it has helped Dr. Danenberg.
  • The role that genetics has in determining what food is good for us.
  • How your environment affects your body.
  • Why Dr. Danenberg chose a carnivore diet.
  • Some plant products Dr. Danenberg considers detrimental to health.
  • How our immune systems have become compromised and weakened.

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