Ep #57: Eat Your Way to Happiness with Delia McCabe (PhD)

Mind Body Mouth with Dr. Vijaya Molloy | Eat Your Way to Happiness with Delia McCabe (PhD)

Do you consider the effects of food on your mental well-being? Or the well-bring of your children? This week we discuss how diet impacts brain function and mood with Delia McCabe PhD, a nutritional neuroscientist and expert in food and mental health.

Delia McCabe shifted from clinical psychology to work in nutritional neuroscience. She has combined the two fields to help others build stress resilience and behavioral change through nutrition. This week, Delia shares her wealth of knowledge and various methods for encouraging optimal mental health.

Learn how diet is linked to mood, the power of supplements, and why knowing your body’s needs can help you make better health choices. Discover tools to reduce stress and depression and build more resilient mental health.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How food and the brain are linked.
  • What CBT is.
  • What essential fats and nutrients are needed in the brain.
  • Why your fish oil may not be sufficient for optimal health.
  • When (and what) supplements to take.
  • What the mind diet is.
  • How to address depression with food and exercise.


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