Ep #22: The Miraculous Myo Munchee with Mary Bourke

The Miraculous Myo Munchee with Mary Bourke

I use Myo Munchees a lot in my practice, especially on my younger patients, so I wanted to speak to the owner directly and find out how I can maximize the benefit of this pre-orthodontic appliance. Today, I’m talking to Dr. Mary Bourke, the owner of The Myo Munchee Company.

Dr. Mary Bourke’s father invented the Myo Munchee in the late 60s to aid oral hygiene and to get people chewing and exercising their jaw muscles. Originally manufactured for adults, several years later it was adapted for use by children. Since then, they’ve become an incredibly useful tool for myself and other dental professionals with a variety of benefits that stretch beyond the mouth.

Join Mary and me on the podcast this week as we discuss the Myo Munchee. Dr. Bourke is sharing the backstory of The Myo Munchee Company, how it works, and some of the uses of this pre-orthodontic appliance that stretch a lot further than just oral hygiene and jaw development.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Myo Munchees aid jaw development, especially in children.
  • The story of the Myo Munchee Company and how the Munchee came to be.
  • Why the Myo Munchee doesn’t have the same drawbacks as chewing gum for jaw stimulation.
  • How the Myo Munchee cleanses the teeth and gums by stimulating the saliva.
  • The neurosensory benefits of Myo Munchee use.
  • How using a Myo Munchee from a young age improves malocclusions and their symptoms.
  • Where to find support or a practitioner that specializes in Myo Munchees if you’re looking for a specific outcome.

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