Ep #42: How Your Dentist Can Help Your Headaches with Dr. David Shirazi

Mind Body Mouth | How Your Dentist Can Help Headaches Dr. David ShiraziChronic headaches are unfortunately a condition that affects thousands of people around the world, and most people will visit their doctor or chiropractor to discuss the issues. It isn’t something you usually consider asking your dentist about, but sometimes, your dentist is exactly the person you need to see.

Dr. David Shirazi is a TMJ and sleep expert who teaches about topics of health, TMJ, and the numerous sleep and breathing issues that affect both adults and children. He joins me this week to discuss causes and potential treatments for headaches, and how to establish when you should see a dentist regarding them.

Listen in this week as we discuss headaches, sleep apnea, and the relationship between TMJ and headaches and migraines. Hear how treating jaw problems can reduce or get rid of headaches and migraines, how he treats both children and adults who experience these issues, and the various health issues that could be related to TMJ disorder.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What tension headaches are and what causes them.
  • Some of the reasons we might clench our jaws and how this could be affecting you.
  • The effects of diet upon headaches and other health concerns.
  • What we can do to help TMJ disorder.
  • The most important stages of sleep for adults and children.
  • How to know where the source of your headache is and use it to establish who you should see for help.
  • Some recommendations for ways to manage TMJ conditions.
  • How Dr. Shirazi treats sleep apnea in both adults and children.

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