Ep #37: How Exercise Dramatically Improves Your Life with Dr. Uche Odiatu

Mind Body Mouth with Dr. Vijaya Molloy | How Exercise Dramatically Improves Your Life with Dr. Uche Odiatu

It has been proven that exercise is a powerful preventative tool for so many of the diseases we face, and yet, most people still do not exercise at all. People often think they’re healthier than they are, and tend to make exercise more difficult than it needs to be, often underestimating its importance.

I’m joined again this week by fellow dentist colleague Dr. Uche. Dr. Uche Odiatu is an internationally recognized health and wellness expert. He is a practicing dentist, a professional member of the American College of Sports Medicine, and an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer. Like me, Dr. Uche has a passion for whole-body health and wellbeing, and today we’re talking about exercise.

Listen in this week as we talk about the importance of exercise and hear some of Dr. Uche’s simple but effective tips to make exercise more attainable and sustainable. We discuss why exercise is crucial in maintaining good overall health, and how to get fit fast and maintain it more easily.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why you need to exercise regularly and the benefits of doing so.
  • The difference between activity and exercise.
  • What a complete program of exercise looks like and how it is beneficial.
  • Why resistance training is so effective.
  • Some startling statistics around exercise and people’s lack of it.
  • Why 10,000 steps a day is overrated.
  • Why there are much more efficient ways to get fit than running.

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