Ep #54: Orthotropics with Dr. John Mew

Mind Body Mouth with Dr. Vijaya Molloy | Orthotropics with Dr. John Mew

This week, I have the pleasure of talking to Dr. John Mew, an esteemed expert in orthotropics. We delve into the intriguing subject of how lifestyle influences the development of children’s facial features, shedding light on the reasons behind malocclusion and effective methods for rectifying facial posture.

Dr. Mew generously shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, providing valuable insights gained over the years. We explore the evolving nature of orthotropic practices within the dental community, emphasizing the importance of staying ahead and engaging in personal research. Our conversation touches upon the challenges that orthotropics practitioners face, and Dr. Mew offers his unique perspective on the subject.

Discover why Dr. Mew believes that malocclusion is closely linked to lifestyle factors and learn how posture practices can bring about positive changes. Join us as we discuss the transformative potential of orthotropics in reshaping our facial structure.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What orthotropics is.
  • Why dust and lifestyle have a profound impact upon child development.
  • How the tongue interacts with orthodonture.
  • What Mewing is.
  • The health benefits of a “good looking face.”


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