Ep #59: More Hair Naturally with Mahryah Shain

Mind Body Mouth with Dr. Vijaya Molloy | More Hair Naturally with Mahryah Shain

Are you or a loved one struggling with hair loss? It’s a sensitive issue that can profoundly affect one’s confidence and well-being. Today, we have industry expert Mahryah Shain joining us to shed light on how to address hair loss, even if it’s a genetic predisposition.

Mahryah Shain is the CEO of More Hair Naturally, a leading provider of all-natural topical stem-cell treatments for thinning hair. He explains how his family’s experience with male-pattern baldness spurred the creation of More Hair Naturally, and we discuss why it’s crucial not to lose hope in the battle against hair loss.

In this episode, you’ll discover two key factors that influence hair loss, why a topical solution is beneficial but not a complete remedy, and what DHT is and its role in hair loss. If you’re ready to find out if it’s possible to preserve your existing hair and stimulate new growth, listen in!


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to address “genetic” hair loss.
  • Two factors that influence hair loss.
  • What DHT is.
  • How hormones are linked to hair loss.
  • How stem-cells can reduce hair loss.


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