Ep #55: Hidden Hazards: Mold in the Home with Nicole Bijlsma

Mind Body Mouth with Dr. Vijaya Molloy | Hidden Hazards: Mold in the Home with Nicole Bijlsma

Our home is supposed to be a safe space where we share the most intimate moments of our days with friends and family. But more and more people are falling sick from the place they call home. Mold is a hidden hazard hiding in the walls that can cause extreme health problems.

This week I welcome building biology pioneer Nicole Bijlsma. She shares her deep knowledge of toxin exposure standards and the disparity between standards and public health. Nicole offers practical advice on how to test and remediate mold in your home.

Tune in to discover a wealth of information concerning health hazards in the home. Nicole and I dig into the impact of mold, how you can combat mold, and health symptoms that may be linked to fungal exposure. With knowledge we can keep ourselves and our families safe, so listen in!


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What building biology is.
  • What geopathic stress is.
  • How mold can impact health.
  • 2 things to know about remediating mold.
  • The conditions that mold needs to survive.


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