Ep #7: Facial Yoga with Rochelle McPherson

The muscles in our face have a large impact on the health of our mouth and bodies, so dysfunctions in how they are trained can drastically change your dental health. Today’s guest is one of the leading experts in orofacial myology and has great insight into retraining your muscles.

Sharing her tips on what you can do every day to have better oral health beyond normal dental hygiene, Rochelle McPherson is the founder of the Australian Academy for Orofacial Myology and has a great background in how orofacial exercises can change the way people of all different ages live. She shares some easy exercises that treat muscular dysfunctions and bad habits that harm your health.

Tune in and join us while we discuss how we can incorporate facial yoga into our daily lives to start bodily health in the mouth.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What impact muscular dysfunctions have on dental and overall health problems.
  • How you can train the muscles in your face and mouth to foster correct mouth functioning.
  • Examples of exercises that you can do to build the muscles in your face.
  • Why changing the way you breathe and eat is valuable at any age.
  • How important it is for parents to be involved in the therapy process with their child.
  • When the best time is to do orofacial exercises to strengthen your muscles.

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