Ep #9: Eating for Better Dental Health with Georgia Lienemann

Nowadays, we hear a lot about what constitutes a healthy diet and it largely consists of lean meat and greens. However, we are missing out on a lot of nutrients that have evolutionarily been part of our diets because we only eat specific parts of animals and waste the rest.

This week, I have Georgia Lienemann to discuss what constitutes a healthier diet and how we can find more sources of vitamins in unconventional places like raw liver and parts of animals that we throw away in the twenty-first century. She shares some great knowledge about how you can safely consume these foods and how you can be more conscientious of what you are putting into your body.

Tune in as we discuss how we can change how we approach healthy eating so we can fill the gaps while being more environmentally aware.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What nose to tail eating is and how it can be a more environmentally friendly diet that fills in traditional dietary gaps.
  • The value of consuming the entirety of our meat sources instead of eating only the lean meats that we are used to.
  • Why there are stigmas against eating things like the liver and how you can prepare them safely.
  • The nutritional value of unconventional foods that provide vitamins that we are deficient in the way we usually eat.
  • How you can integrate other types of foods to fill in the gaps in the modern conventional diet.
  • How you can be more conscientious about what nutrients you and your family are consuming.

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