Ep #14: Dr. Al’s Myeloma Journey

Receiving news that you have 3 to 6 months to live is not easy, and when the diagnosis means that your bones are becoming more brittle and breaking without trauma, it becomes that much harder. However, as we will talk about today, there are different ways to supplement traditional treatment with integrative health principles.

Today, Dr. Al Danenberg is back on the show to discuss his journey with multiple-myeloma and how he has addressed his treatment of an incurable disease by approaching it starting in the gut. He has done extensive research into spore probiotics and the effects they have on his bone health. We talk about his diagnosis and what he has done so far to exceed his initial 6-month timeframe.

Join our conversation about his health journey and be inspired by his fight with multiple myeloma while learning about research into unconventional therapies for his condition.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What myeloma is and how Dr. Danenberg discovered his condition.
  • How the disease process can undermine normal day to day health and functioning.
  • The process Al has undergone to accept and understand his incurable diagnosis.
  • Why Al chose natural remedies and treatments instead of chemical treatments.
  • What Al does to manage his normal diet to foster healing starting from the gut.
  • The value of unconventional therapies for treating illness and disease.

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