Ep #18: Vitamins: Good for Our Health or a Waste of Money? With Dr. Jen Draper

There are so many vitamin supplements on the market that I can’t help but wonder whether what we’re really buying is just an expensive waste of money. So, to discuss whether or not they’re necessary, I’ve got an expert who specializes in exactly the kind of information we all want to know.

Dr. Jen Draper is an integrative general practitioner and founder of Wingham Wellbeing, NSW, a practice she established 11 years ago. Over the last seven years, Jen has devoted her work to anti-aging medicine. Just last year, she and an expanding team were able to form an online community providing biohacking advice, services, and products.

While Dr. Jen is a general practitioner, she is here today to provide information on higher-level healing products, anti-aging, and disease prevention, as well as her opinions, and provide an insight into her day-to-day self-care methods, rather than any personalized medical treatment, diagnosis, or any other medical advice in her capacity as a medical professional.

Join Dr. Jen Draper and I as we discuss her use and understanding of specific vitamin and mineral supplements, how she directs her clients when using vitamins to optimize their overall health, what to look for when self-prescribing these supplements, and when they might be a waste of money. Jen also provides some great general information about general nutrition, so wherever you stand on vitamin supplements, this interview will serve as an incredibly informative resource.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Jen prescribes vitamins to the clients in her practice.
  • Why people feel the need to self-prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • How changes in our lifestyles and food production methods over time have generated a need for vitamin supplements.
  • Why even the way we consume our foods affects how our bodies absorb nutrients.
  • How two people can have the same diet but a difference in other external factors, like work environment, can produce dramatically differing levels of wellbeing.
  • What to observe when exploring vitamin supplements to support and optimize your health.
  • How to adjust your diet in a way that can actually help slow the aging process.

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