Ep #12: Stress Busters with Laura Piccardi

Stress is a constant throughout our lives, but how we manage our stress effectively can be a mystery. When we don’t listen to our bodies, they can slowly break down and leave us feeling less healthy. While we might know eating right and exercise can reduce stress, we can struggle to implement these things into our lives without help.

Laura Piccardi is a stress management expert who specializes in coaching people through stressful situations and on how to reduce anxiety in life. She gives some great advice about identifying your emotional and cognitive approaches to stress and how you can wrestle back control over situations.

Join us as we talk about Laura’s practice and learn how you can manage your stress more effectively, creating whole-body wellness.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What a stress management coach does to help reduce your thinking about daily activities.
  • How stress can alter your health and body chemistry.
  • Ways to identify when you are overstressed and some strategies for destressing.
  • How to prepare for situations that might trigger stress for you.
  • How to employ destressing techniques and how you can make them habitual.

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